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Timofey Tkachev, Web Editor

My name is Timofey Tkachev. I love cats!!!! (too much :D) I also like to code, and already have experience making a newspaper in my elementary school - Fremont.

I am Russian-Ukrainian-Polish and have friends in the US, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, and maybe some others that I forgot. I grew up in Moscow and moved to the US when I was 5. Before moving to the US, every winter and summer, my family and I went on a one month trip to a country in Europe. My first plane flight was when I was 1 year old. I have been to Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and... I hope I did not miss anything...😁

Most people say that I like cats too much. Don't worry, my articles are not going to be all about cats 🐱 I also love chess and coding. I am good at math. I tried to create a newspaper at my elementary school, Fremont, but rolled out only one issue. One. Month. Late. (One person was helping me. Thanks Pascal!)

Speaking of birthdays, if you want to know, I was born on December 25, 2009. The next question is... leme check... 79.23% of the time: "Do you get double presents? For your birthday and for Christmas at the same time?" The answer is.. well.. there is no easy answer. What I will say is that "Santa" doesn't want to bring me too much presents because I already got a ton of presents for my birthday

If you need to contact me about something related to the newspaper, click the mail icon below to send me an email.

P.S. Can someone award me the "Longest Staff Profile" award?

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Timofey Tkachev