CFE #4

Alexandra Valiente
Alexandra Valiente

Hello, Spartans! This Valentine’s day CFE was the first CFE of the 2023 year. It was quite the show! (Definitely a fun one!) This CFE, for the first time this year, the 8th graders won. The CFE started with an awesome show from the Rosemont cheerleaders, followed by Mr. Anker explaining the rules to the contestants.

At the beginning of the game, first seated 5 points went to 7th grade.
After this, they wanted to see who had more blue or white. This one was decided by Mr. Andreas to be 4 points to 8th grade, 1 point to 7th grade.

The first game at CFE #4 was frosting face. This game was started with ASB smearing vanilla and strawberry frosting over a number on both sides between three different plexiglasses. 8th grade was on one side while 7th grade was on the other. When Mr. Anker told them that they could go, the three students from both sides ran up to the plexiglass and tried to lick off the frosting as fast as they could. As soon as all 3 people from one side discovered their numbers, the last person to discover the unlock number unlocked a box with that 3 digit number and ran to Mr. Anker with a paper awarding your grade with 10 CFE points.

7th graders won the first game! 10 points to them.

Next was the class cheer. The points for the class cheer is determined based on which side, 7th or 8th grade, is louder, following their class president. This CFE, 8th grade won the class cheer for 5 points.

The next game was Smoosh Face! This game starts off with the contestants on their grade side, along with one bucket in front of them. This game is when two people from each side with sponges on their faces dunk their heads in the bucket with water, then run to the middle and release all the water from the sponges. The only rule is that they have to get the water out without touching their own sponge. They came up with the strategy to squish each other’s sponges into the bucket to get the water out. This strategy worked mainly for the 8th graders, considering that they filled up almost ½ of the bucket and 7th graders filled up less than ¼ of the bucket. They won the game, earning 10 points.

Lastly was sportsmanship points. The judges decided that out of 10 points available to be added or subtracted, they subtracted 3 points from the 7th graders and added 3 points to the 8th graders. CFE #4 ended with the totals being 22 points for the 8th grade and 13 points for the 7th grade. Although, after the CFE ended and all the students were leaving, 8th grade left a little bit early, while 7th graders stayed in their seats until they were allowed to leave. This took off two points from 8th grade, leaving them with a final score of 20 points, and adding 2 points to 7th grade, leaving them with 15 points.

In summary, 8th grade won the CFE by 5 points, leaving them at 20 points and 7th graders with 15 points.
Congratulations, 8th grade!