Inside The Life of a Security Guard

We have all seen security guards, we might wonder what exactly they do. It sure sounds fun to “boss kids around”. We have interviewed a substitute security guard, Clarissa Davis, because Rosemont does not have permanent security guards, to help you understand the daily life of a security guard. 

Clarissa Davis is a security guard at Rosemont. This is her first year being a security guard here, but she already has 15 years of experience being a security guard. Her motivation is “…making sure that everyone is safe and sound…” and that we are all comfortable coming to school. 

Though sometimes, there are no security guards on campus. For example, on September 19, 2022. Many people might think that having no security guards on campus is dangerous, but, as it seems, there is currently a security guard shortage.

Security guards look so friendly that you might doubt that they are actual guards that get trained to stand against shooters who are on campus. Clarissa says that school shootings are “very unfortunate and “selfish”, especially to those who are innocent.

We also asked Clarissa what she would do if there was a suspicious person on campus. She answered that she would “…first ask the person why they are here on campus so we can establish if they need to be here or not.” Then, “If the person looks too suspicious, I would ask him to leave.” Clarissa additionally said that she would tell the proper authorities if things get too uncomfortable.

Don’t think that security guards sit under an umbrella all day. Clarissa said that she walks around all day and tries to “touch every inch of the school.” 

Clarissa advises everyone to not be verbally abusive because “…it can lead to a lot of other violent things if someone is offended.” Next time you want to make a joke, wait just one second and think about if it will offend someone.

We hope this helped you understand and appreciate security guards more. Speaking of appreciating security guards, security guard appreciation week is this week! This year, it is from September 18 to September 24, 2022. Be sure to be extra respectful to the security guards this week, and don’t forget to always follow the rules, and be safe.