CFE #3


The latest CFE was quite the show, with a spectacular win for the 7th graders. At the beginning of the event, the 7th graders dashed to their seats and won an additional 5 points for their team. Assistant principal Mr. Laing kicked the event off with a recap of the latest CFE, followed by an outstanding performance by the Rosemont’s very own cheer squad.
The first game, “Santa,” began when ASB president Brett Midgely dressed as Santa Claus wheeled out on tricycle, and cycled around a huge chalk circle while 7th and 8th grade contestants threw water balloons at him. trying to at least hit inside the chalk circle ( worth one point ) or hitting Santa himself (worth three points). The 7th grade scored 2 points while the 8th graders scored 8 points, a shattering defeat for the 7th graders.
Next, the cheer contest was held, also led by 8th grade president: Joe Brewer, who turned red, out of breath, as he motivated his team. The amphitheater rang with 8th grade’s cheer of “B-L-U-E, THAT’S THE WAY TO VICTORY.” followed by the, “GO-GO, WHITE-WHITE, WE’RE HERE TO WIN THE FIGHT-FIGHT” of 7th graders. After shattering the air over the amphitheater, the cheer contest resulted in a tie.
The final game, Christmas Tree Decoration, consisted of the contestants trying to hang candy canes on their class presidents, who were dressed up in cardboard Christmas tree costumes. However, the catch was that they could only use anything but their hands. As Joe Brewer and Jack DeBoskey stood still as statues, the contestants hung up candy cane after candy cane until the time ran out. The final score was 19-16, 7th graders in the lead.
In the end, Mr. Anker announced that the 7th graders had worn more white than the 8th graders had worn blue. The final score was 7th: 44 – 8th: 35. Better luck next time, 8th graders!