Winter Break Photo Contest

Results are in: Winter Break Photo Contest Results – The Spartan Scroll


Winter break is nearing, and the Spartan Scroll is hosting a photo contest. Enter for a chance to have your photo displayed on the front page of the Spartan Scroll. 

Here is everything that you need to know about the photo contest:

The deadline is Sunday, January 8, by Midnight, and results will be released on Friday, January 13, after school. 

All of the entries will be judged on creativity, of how it represents the theme of winter, or a winter holiday. Photos have to have been taken after December 12, 2022. Everyone is limited to one entry (photo). Videos are not allowed.

All submissions are the property of the photographer, but can be used by the Spartan Scroll within 48 months of submission for the purposes of promoting the photography contest on the Spartan Scroll website and related social media. 


If this sounds interesting, use the link below to enter the contest: