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Farewell to the 2022-2023 Spartan Scroll Staff!

Elizabeth Monaco

As this year comes to a close, it’s time to say farewell to the staff. We have had a fantastic year with students making great strides as writers, designers, photographers, and editors. I’m very proud of the staff this year. They all rolled with punches and kept a great attitude. I hope they all continue to write and create, no matter where they end up next year.

As we all prepare to rest and relax this summer, I leave you with the final words from the 22-23 staff. Please see their favorite articles from this year as well as their hopes for the future.

What We Hope Happens in 2023-24

Sofia Diamond: My 2023-2024 school year will be very new and exciting since I am going into my first year at CVHS. I’m part of the journalism program at CVHS and I cannot wait to continue a path with journalism. Not to mention next year I can register to be a part of the JTA Teen Journalism Fellowship because I will turn 15 in the second semester of next year, which is a very exciting thing because I can be a professional if I get paid for my work! I also hope the Dodger get better pitchers, pleas

Leni Frommel-Martinez: I am really excited for journalism at CVHS next semester and I hope that in the future I will be able to get an internship or a job with a journalism company. I also hope to do this with my writing partner Sofia Diamond. I additionally hope that I will be successful in all or almost all my classes next year.

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Brianna Balian: For the 2023-2024 Rosemont year, I am hoping that more kids are inspired by their surroundings and share more about the Rosemont community. I hope that our website gets more views than this year and that because of the new equipment that has been bought, there will be a better, more educational year. 

Aarika Tania: This 2023-2024 I’m going to be going to Crescenta Valley High School and I am so looking forward to meeting new people, being in a new area/campus, and having a completely new and memorable experience during my upcoming years at high school. I hope to also maintain a 4.0 GPA if I can and not stress too much about any of my classes, especially my advanced ones and my Spanish class.  

Jack DeBoskey: I really hope our news program can continue to grow next year. This year has been a huge step for journalism especially since we developed an online site.  I also hope the Dodgers lose more often and the Padres win more.

Lara Arakelian: I really hope our news program can continue to grow next year and the following years after. This year we have improved compared to last year. We now have a website and are much more organized. I also hope that the Lakers do much better next year and that Lebron finally retires.

Marc Arslanian: I hope i can join the basketball team in 2024 and get better grades.

Timofey Tkachev: I hope to continue journalism next year, and for the journalism program to continue to grow and improve. I hope that the website will get more traffic, and have more opportunities to explore the world of journalism. I also hope that people outside the journalism program will understand that we put a lot of effort into writing articles.

Josephine Gaudioso: I hope that our website will grow and improve, and that in the future we will have a big and fun news program. I also hope to make more time for reading.

Jaryn Ito: I hope that the news program will continue to grow and continue to improve for the coming years. I hope that the website will generate more users. I hope to do good in high school. I also hope that the Lakers win.

Ian Cisneroz: I really hope that the Spartan Scroll will continue when I go on into high school since I would love to go back onto the website years later and see how much it has grown over time. I also hope that I will be doing great when going into high school and have a decent experience with my friends.

Levon Shakhbekyan: I hope our website stays for years to come. I also wish that our site will stay this magical.

Isa Chiriboga: I hope our website grows and new viewers visit each day. I also hope that the journalism program will add more features. I also hope to get better at volleyball. 

Alex Valiente: In 2023-2024 I hope that more people will know about and read the articles we put out on the website. I hope that their are a lot of new students that will join the journalism program, and that the spartan scroll continues to grow and get better and better for many years to come.

Trinity Babaian: I hope that the spartan scroll website will progress from seventh grade forward. We have all worked really hard to get to where we are today and have an amazing newspaper class and program and I hope that this website stays how it is throughout the years.

Finnley Gardner: One thing I hope we keep is the community, this class has been really fun and I also hope that the Red Socks come to LA. 

Sofi Akopyan: I hope that I can continue to grow with my journalistic efforts, and also to keep the amazing relationships that I have with everyone that I have met this year. I also hope that the journalism class at Rosemont grows and continues to do so through the years.

Joseph Kernan: I really hope that the amount of hate speech said our school goes down and that Journalism continues to grow with more and more stories next year. Also, I really hope that the Eagles will win the Super Bowl.

Gary Ryznar: I hope I remain friends with everybody in journalism through next year, and I hope the Mario Movie does NOT get nominated for best animated feature at the Oscars.

Maryn Spangler: I hope that the Spartan Scroll will grow and improve next year and develop a personal style like how this years 22-23 website did! 

Raelene Napasa: I hope that Rosemont becomes a more open community where people feel that they belong and are accepted at school, and I also hope the new journalism students enjoy the course next year and make a lot of new friends and learn all about journalism.

Francesca Imburgia: I hope that in the 2023/2024 school year, future journalism students will love and enjoy the journalism program! I want the journalism students to continue to love and grow their passion for this elective.

Kayla McCurdy: I hope that in the 2023/2024 school year, Journalism will expand its course. I hope that there will be a podcast unit and more talk about photography. I am excited for my 8th grade year, and can’t wait to see what’s to come! 

Pascal St. Aubin: I hope that people will actually take the Spartan Scroll seriously because we put a lot of effort into writing, editing, photographing, and organizing for our articles. I also hope that a newer range of clubs will open to students. Hopefully the Cubs draft some really good players so they can start winning games again. 

Sophia Khodadadi: I hope that I can adjust to high school in the next school year and that I can maintain my good grades. I am excited to meet new people and be in a bigger campus. I hope that in the future, the Spartan Scroll will be as successful as this year. 

Angelina Gai: I hope that future journalism students will take the class more seriously and help them improve on their communication and writing skills. I also hope that next year, I will be able to make more friends instead of depending only on my eighth grade friends. I also hope that incoming seventh graders will feel like they belong more than I did this year.

Narek Jaytyan: I hope that in the future students will take journalism more seriously than we did this year. We have an amazing teacher and amazing resources to help our newspaper grow. 

Keila Avanesee: I hope next year I will continue to grow and flourish at CVHS and hopefully take journalism sophomore year. I also hope that the students in journalism next year will have as much as we did if not more while still taking the class and newspaper seriously. 

Natalie Pourgouldjian: Next year I hope to maintain my gpa, meet new friends, and adjust quickly to Cvhs. I also hope that Rosemonts Journalism class will continue to be a strong elective like this year and on. 

Nathan Swanson: Next year I hope to have more articles and better articles. I also hope to increase my test scores and my letter grades. I hope to complete all of the goals I set for myself and maintain my study habits.

Andrew Yum: Next year I hope that I can raise my grades and stay more focused and on-task during my classes. I also hope that Journalism will still be an elective, and a popular and cool one. Hopefully the Journalism industry keeps booming next year.

Leland Elmes: Next year, I hope that students will be more immersed in their journalism experience.

Matthew Baldwin: Next year I hope that people will actually pay attention to what is happening in the world and that they read the Spartan Scroll.

Mrs. Monaco: I really hope Rosemont continues to grow as an inclusive community where all students feel welcome and supported. I would also like to see the Dodgers win more often. 


What was your favorite story of 2022-23?


Sofia Diamond: The story I enjoyed the most was the article about Affirmative Action. I thought it was very informative, and it’s always amazing to learn about something new that could affect you in your life! Familiarizing yourself with important information helps you become a better person!

Leni Frommel-Martinez: I really enjoyed Sofia Diamond´s Article about the snow in California because it provided a new perspective on this phenomenon. I also enjoyed her funny remarks and history on the last snow California got. 

Joseph Kernan: My favorite story is probably the article about plastic overflowing. It really highlights the fact that we need to address the ever growing problem of plastic enveloping the earth.

Aarika Tania: Out of all the stories I’ve read so far this semester in journalism, I really enjoyed the Spring Semi-Formal article the most as it showed a variety of pictures from the school dance this year and it was fun looking for pictures that featured me or my friends, I also recommended this article to a bunch of people for them to find people they might know in there as well. Overall, I really liked the pictures and their quality and enjoyed going through this article this year! 

Jack DeBoskey:I really enjoyed the ROCKS tickets series because it was really fun and informative. The digital arts were top tier. 

Ian Cisneroz: The story that was my favorite was definitely, How to deal with Multiple Work Projects since it was an article I worked on personally and I feel that this story was one of the best informative articles I’ve written since it dives into how students or anybody can manage multiple projects. This article was also something I did a lot of research for and I feel proud of writing.

Jaryn Ito: My favorite story of this year is the MLB Offseason article because I wrote it and I love baseball and it gives an overview of the offseason moves and it took a lot of time to write and it uses a lot of cool features.

Raelene Napasa: My favorite story of this year has to be the article on the dress code because it was very fair and well written, and I enjoyed seeing other’s point of view on how things are handled here at Rosemont.

Sofi Akopyan: My favorite story this year was All About CJSF which was an article written to show just exactly what CJSF is during the time of sign-ups. The article was extremely well written and was very useful to show what you would need to do as part of the CJSF group. 

Lara Arakelian: I really enjoyed the National Bread Day series. I thought it was very enjoyable and fun.

Levon Shakhbekyan: I really like the story called “Black History Month: Jackie Robinson”

Isa Chiriboga: I liked the National Bread Day series because it was interactive and fun. We got to try each type of bread and rate them.

Alex Valiente: My favorite article this year was the article about school dress code. I think that it was very eloquently written and it clearly showed the spartan scrolls opinion on the matter. Also the graphic for it was really cool.

Finnley Gardner: One of my favorite articles was the Ms. Dawson interview, it was very informative and well written. 

Trinity Babaian: My favorite article is the Mrs. Dawson and Mrs. Fox samurai article. It was very interesting and fun to do and read.Ms. Dawson and Ms. Fox’s History Classes Are Making Paper Samurai

Maryn Spangler:My favorite article is the How to Deal with Multiple Projects article. It was helpful to know how deal with any stress and how to manage my time when dealing with a bunch of assignments.

Gary Ryznar: I think the Armenian Genocide article deserves some credit. People were working on it since, I think, October. It’s really well written and informative. It opened my eyes in terms of the trauma. 

Sophia Khodadadi: I liked the National Bread Day articles because they were fun to participate in. I think it was a very fun series and I enjoyed it.

Francesca Imburgia: I think the dress code article is one of my favorites because some of the clothing people get dress coded on is unfair, and they are not agreeable.

Pascal Saint Aubin. I liked the bread day articles because I got to eat free bread. I also liked the article about student funding because photographing the feature image was fun. and 

Angelina Gai: My favorite article was “How to Deal with Multiple Work Projects. It was helpful to know how to manage many assignments in the future. It also helped to inform me about how to distribute time and make sure to get all the assignments done. 

Josephine Gaudioso: My favorite articles were the National Bread Day articles since they were interesting and fun, and we got to eat bread in class!

Timofey Tkachev: My favorite article this year was a series of articles about how to get ROCKS tickets. It was a very informative series about how to get ROCKS tickets. It included many teachers being interviewed for when they give out ROCKS tickets. 

Narek Jaytyan: I really enjoyed the bread day articles since we got to eat bread(Yummy), and it informed us of yet another weird themed day.

Marc Arslanian: I liked all the stories i wrote. All listed here: 

Andrew Yum: My favorite article this year has to be CFE #2. Here is the link:

Kayla McCurdy: My favorite article this year was, Should Rosemont Switch to a Four Day Week? I thought this article was very interesting, and well written,

Keila Avanesee: My absolute favorite article this year was, National Baguette Day and all the other bread day articles. 

Natalie Pourgouldjian: My favorite article this year that was published was the National Baguette Day. It was an enjoyable article, and it was interactive. 

Austin Over: My favorite article this year was ¨Should Rosemont Switch to a Four Day Week?¨ I thought that this was a good article because I used to think that we should have a four day week but this article taught me about the consequences as well as benefits.

Nathan Swanson: My favorite article was “Spring Semi-Formal Was A Success.” I think this article really encapsulates the experience of being at the semi formal dance and it has great writing and had a lot of great pictures.  

Matthew Baldwin: My favorite article was Black History Month: Snoop Dogg. I really liked this article because it shows the contributions that Snoop Dogg has made for everyone. 

Mrs. Monaco: I really liked the story on the Montrose Search and Rescue Team. I thought it was interesting, informative, and the photos turned out really well. 


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