Spring Semi-Formal Was A Success


Elizabeth Monaco

Spring Semi-Formal 2023

The Rosemont Semi Formal was a hit! The dance theme this year was Mardi Gras: A night in New Orleans. There was a DJ, dancefloor, and many round tables for people to sit at.  The In N Out truck came.  This year there were 455 food tickets sold. The food ticket included a drink, chips, and a hamburger or cheeseburger. Overall, 933 dance tickets were sold. This was a record breaking number of tickets sold. The previous record was around 850. To conclude, the Rosemont Semi Formal was lot’s of fun and most everyone enjoyed their time. For example, 7th grade student Sofi Akopyan said, “ The dance was very fun and a night to remember!” It was a night to remember for sure! The dance was very fun and it was refreshing to see everyone dressed up!


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