Snow in La Crescenta

It seems just like a fairy tale, but it is truly snowing in the upper portions of La Crescenta. It’s not an average site to see, people pulling their sleds out of their garages and sliding down their driveways, to see children having a snowball fight in their front yard, or see neighbors laughing in joy as it snows on their homes.


A snowy storm went through Southern California, where the snow levels dropped to roughly 1,500 feet. Keep in mind that Rosemont sits at around 1,680 feet. Temperatures ranged from the low 30s to the high 40s as snow dusted the homes of upper LA Crescenta.


For the first time since 1989, the National Weather Service of California declared a blizzard warning throughout Southern California. A local living in upper La Crescenta reported they had lived in the area for their entire life as well as their children and had only seen this type of snowfall twice. The last time they could recall was in the late 1980s. This was truly a weather phenomenon that the community of La Crescenta will remember for years to come.

Sofia Diamond


Even though most of the snowfall has come to a stop, it’s still important to consider the safety issue that comes with this new weather in California. Most Californians don’t live in snowy areas, or in an area where they have to be experienced with driving in the snow. As a first-hand source, I witnessed multiple times when a car lost control and began to slide. Upper La Crescenta is mostly made up of steep hills, therefore it was a huge challenge for drivers to take control of their

cars. While talking to multiple local community members, they reported that they had left their cars pulled to the side of the road as they walked home, not risking attempting to drive up the icy roads they were inexperienced with.