Teacher Profile: Ms. Dawson

Who is Ms. Dawson? Well, Ms. Dawson is a 7th grade History teacher here at Rosemont. She has been teaching here for 13 years, since 2010. She also taught at Fremont Elementary school. So in total 25 years. She taught younger grades like 1st. Some of you may have gone there.

Ms. Dawson went to Occidental College but is now going to an online college called University For The People to get her 2nd masters degree. Her mother was a teacher so she grew up around teaching and helped her mother grade papers. Growing up like this inspired her to be a teacher when she was older. When Ms. Dawson was younger she worked at a hospital behind the desk, writing on documents but on day she was called to work on an actual job but did not like it and new it was not the right thing for her. She then knew her passion was to become a teacher. Ms. Dawson’s favorite part of teaching here at Rosemont is that all the kids have there own personalities and can be independent. They are more mature than elementary students but their minds can grow and mold so easily. Ms. Dawson is a wonderful teacher here and we should all be so grateful she if here! People have tons of fun in her History classes.