CFE #2

Cheerleaders keep the crowd pumped up at CFE #2.

As we prepare for CFE#3 today, here’s a quick recap of CFE #2. You guys already know, the CFE #2 has came to an end. And how did it turn out? It was exciting, fast paced, and a great experience. It included fun games like Binocular Soccer, where you would try to score a goal with backwards binoculars! First, the staff searched for the grade that was the quietest, and the one who sat down first. No one won this one. It was very fun to watch, and 8th grade ended up winning that matchup, with a score of 2-1. Then, there was the next and final game.The game was called Hungry Hippos, which might ring a bell for some of you guys. It is just like the game, but this time, it is with Rosemont Students! It was of course Seventh Grade vs Eighth Grade. The game was fast paced, and the Eighth Graders beat the Seventh Graders in that matchup, with the Seventh Graders earning a score of 23, while the Eighth Graders earned a score of 33. That helped Eighth grade a ton, because they ended the CFE with more points than the Seventh Grade, Eighth ended the day with 43 points, while Seventh ended the day with 33 points. In total, Eighth Grade took the lead, by leading Seventh with 5 points. The overall CFEs are very close. Stay tuned!