All about CJSF


  The California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) is a club that all students can join this semester. This club is about community service, and CJSF is a state-wide organization.

 To get into CJSF you need to have outstanding academic and citizenship grades. 

 More specifically, you need 8 points to qualify. Unless you took Spanish, FLAG, or ELD, in that case, you need 10 points. Each A in an academic class (English, math, science, history, possibly, Spanish, FLAG, ELD) earns you three points. Each B earns you one point. You can earn an extra point if you took an above grade level class. Those classes include Math ⅞ Accelerated, Integrated Math 1, FLAG, Spanish 1-2 Spanish 3-4, Advanced English, and Advanced History. You can only earn 2 extra points from above grade level classes. If you have a D, F, or U in any class it will automatically disqualify you from the club.

To apply go to the Rosemont CJSF website (link below). Once on the website, review to see if you qualify to join. If so, click the link to the google form and fill it out, and you will receive your results on February 4th. Once becoming a member you need to attend at least one meeting per semester and complete at least three service events. 

CJSF is a wonderful club and opportunity for Rosemont students to help out the community. The advisors are Ms. Avery and Mrs. Kracker. The deadline to apply is 8:30 am on Friday, January 27th.