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Girls Dress code (1943)

Dress Code- Protection or Patriarchy?

Saskia Vroom, Arts & Culture Editor Nov 3, 2023

Schools have been enforcing dress codes since the 1960s, but women's rights have been restricted for hundreds of years. Instead of adapting to society's everchanging standards and normalities, school districts...

4-day work week

Should Rosemont Switch to a Four Day School Week?

In the last ten years, 1600 schools of 650 districts in the US have switched to a four-day school week. However, only two small districts in California, Leggett Valley Unified and Big Sur Unified, have...

Dealing With Multiple Work Projects

How to deal with Multiple Work Projects

Ian Cisneroz, Staff Writer Apr 20, 2023

When working on multiple big projects for school it might make people feel overworked or overwhelmed, so by figuring out how to balance everything you will work on first is a great practice. A few easy...

Should school be year round?

Should school be year round?

Raelene Napasa, Social Media Team Jan 30, 2023

Year-round schooling: a full school year with shorter breaks within the year versus the two month summer break most of us know and love. I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds far too excessive...

Safety on Campus

Safety on Campus

Josephine Gaudioso and Trinity Babaian Jan 23, 2023

Safety On Campus Safety on campus is very important. I’m sure you have been reading about the various school shootings that have occurred this year. In fact, there were a total of 27. So you may understand...

All about CJSF

All about CJSF

Kayla McCurdy, Staff Writer Jan 12, 2023

  The California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) is a club that all students can join this semester. This club is about community service, and CJSF is a state-wide organization.  To get into...

Mrs. Parks office (taken by Marc Arslanian)

Mrs. Park, The 8th grade Assistant Principal

Marc Arslanian and Lara Arakelian Dec 1, 2022

      Who is Mrs. Park? You’ve probably seen her around the hallways Mrs. Park is the 8th-grade assistant principal at this school. You might think that Mrs. Park is only interested in cell phones,...

What are the benefits of playing on a school sports team?

What are the benefits of playing on a school sports team?

Sofi Akopyan, Opinion Section Editor Oct 10, 2022

Rosemont has many sports teams that can be beneficial for a student’s health. These sports teams include basketball, soccer, lacrosse, flag football, track and field, cross country, and volleyball. Sports...

What does it feel like to be the “new” person?

Sofi Akopyan, Editor Sep 15, 2022

Do you ever feel like you have nothing in common with your teachers? You probably think  that you can’t possibly, but I’m here to tell you otherwise. You were all the “new kid” at some point,...

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