What are the benefits of playing on a school sports team?


Rosemont has many sports teams that can be beneficial for a student’s health. These sports teams include basketball, soccer, lacrosse, flag football, track and field, cross country, and volleyball. Sports that include, hand-eye coordination, running, and advancements in team building have proven to be beneficial for people of all ages. Some of the positive effects of playing a sport is that it improves cardiovascular health. When one is training for cross country running, the athletes improve their leg strength, cardio health, and lung health. If you train for running, you must learn to breathe correctly in order to maintain a constant pace without hyperventilating. These exercises form overtime as you become a better runner, which means that it improves the health of your lungs the more you run. There are also other school sports provided by Rosemont that increase your cardiovascular health, such as  soccer and basketball, which both focus on cardio.


During the school year, many of you might have seen flyers hanging around campus, talking about different school sports and what time the try-outs are. Many students are hesitating on the decision on whether or not they want to join school teams. There are many team-building effects that come from being on a school sports team as well as the physical ones. Coach Sion states, “The idea of being on a team, even  teams that lose. They  tend to have a better overall feeling about themselves, and even if they are losing as a team, I feel like they’re still up for the next challenge. So even if they might lose or win, it doesn’t matter, it still sets them up for success.” Even if you aren’t necessarily “good” at the sport, if you can work well with others as a team, you will most likely succeed with your team. You will also do better academically, because if you feel better about yourself mentally and physically, you will be more attentive in class and logically, do better!


In short, if you feel comfortable and would like to do it, you should one hundred percent join a sports team. If you join a team, you will be able to do better mentally, physically, and academically. The physical benefits of sports would be cardiovascular advancements to many parts of the body. The mental benefits would be that you would be building a team and feeling better about yourself. And finally, the academic benefits would be that you are able to focus in class and want to go to class. All of these reasons are great benefits to joining a school sports team here at Rosemont!