Safety on Campus


Safety On Campus

Safety on campus is very important. I’m sure you have been reading about the various school shootings that have occurred this year. In fact, there were a total of 27. So you may understand why some students and teachers are worried about their safety, and the safety of their peers. In this article we will talk about how to stay safe on our very own Rosemont campus!
Even though school shootings have happened in California, it is shown that California has a 25% lower chance of a school shooting than in any other states. And the chance of an American child dying in a school shooting is 10 million to 1, about the same odds of being killed by lightning. So even if it seems like it happens every day, it is very rare that a school shooting will occur.

Still, there are other dangers in school. Today we had a security guard here with us to get his opinion on our school safety. Jerome, the security guard, said, “ I don’t think our school is at risk in any way but anything can happen at any time so we just have to be careful”. He then later added“ Students could also prevent things from happening because some younger kids jump on each other and play around but they can get hurt too, so just be careful kids.”
Many people ask why our school would be at risk and we are here today to answer that question. People play around just like Jerome said so the only way students would be at risk is if they did something dangerous and know that they will get hurt by doing it. My point of this is don’t do things when you know that you will get hurt by doing so. Many people get hurt everyday and that is the biggest risk we have right now. Our school is a very safe place to be and you don’t need to worry about anything that will happen. We have security guards and safety protocols to protect us.

So what do your peers think about safety? We did a survey and nobody thought that their safety was at risk at Rosemont, and nobody had ever had their safety threatened on campus. However, when asked if the school could do anything to improve a students safety, Sofia Diamond answered, “Up the security on the front/back gates, it’s almost if anyone can come through them,” and Finnley Gardner said to close the gates earlier after school ends.

But other than that, their is no reason to worry about any threats to your safety on our school campus. As long as you don’t mess around and follow safety protocols, Rosemont will be a safe and secure place!

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