Mental Health Tips

Mental health is a very important topic that’s frequently overlooked by students, parents, and even some teachers. At Rosemont, there are counselors who are here to help you, like 7th Grade Counselor Ms. Allison Brown. They are available any time you need. A couple members from the Spartan Scroll asked Mrs. Brown a few questions so you know a little more about the art of counseling.



Spartan Scroll: What is usually the topic that students come to you to talk about? 

Ms Brown:  Anxiety. Kids got used to being at home and it’s hard having school opening back up and being less restricted. Some people are stressing masks and social distancing while others are telling people to open up and keep restrictions to a minimum, so kids are feeling confused. 

SS: What do you recommend students do when feeling stressed?

MB: Breathe whilst using your stomach. Mindful breathing sends messages to the body telling it to relax. It brings them down to a calm level. 

SS: Could a student’s mental health affect them so poorly that they lash out at others? 

MB: Yes, especially when you lack sleep and haven’t eaten well. A lot of students lash out at their family members and friends but don’t know why.

SS: Can you prevent mental health problems? 

MB: Yes, by not keeping your emotions in, talking to a counselor or therapist. Having a good eating and sleeping schedule will help everyone’s mental health. 

SS: What if the student is embarrassed to go to someone to talk about their mental health but is severely struggling? 

MB: I hope all kids feel completely open and honest. All things are off record, there are no calls home, everything is completely confidential. I am here for any students who come in for whatever reason. 


In conclusion, there are many ways to help your mental health! But on the other hand, there are also a lot of different struggles you or others could be going through because everyone is different and so are their struggles. Hopefully this article helped you find a positive and relaxing mental state that balances between school, life, and you! Mental pain can hurt more than physical pain, so always take care of yourself and your mental state.