April 19- National Refresh your goals day!

It’s important to be mindful of the fact that as we get older and gain more experience, our goals and accomplishments change. With state testing and the tests coming up, it can be a fun holiday for us to be more responsible with our studying and grades. This national holiday is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate and focus on your personal goals. “Refresh Your Goals Day” reminds us to refresh our minds and renew our goals and dreams. To celebrate this holiday, start a vision board and jot down your aspirations along with a variety of fun pictures that reflect your vision on a board to get you on track and center your mind. Even if you don’t want to make a whole vision board, it doesn’t take much really. You could simply write down some goals on a notes app or just type a fun little idea. Honestly you should be doing this as often as you can, but luckily we have a special national holiday just for it! It may not be that well known but it’s a fun little holiday that can make you feel much more organized and mindful mentally. Don’t forget to celebrate this April the 19th, National Refresh Your Goals day!