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Staff Profile: Mr. Garvin - Coach Q.

Staff Profile: Mr. Garvin – Coach Q.

Juliette Parmentier and Lucie Baha Nov 28, 2023

Mr. Garvin, or Coach Quincy, was the new substitute teacher at Rosemont this year. He substituted for Special Education, and is the new basketball coach. He was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, and...

Teacher Profile: Mrs. Tanabe

Teacher Profile: Mrs. Tanabe

Violet Hwang, News Editor Oct 10, 2023

Who is Mrs. Tanabe? Mrs. Tanabe is the new Japanese teacher who is working in Rosemont. She graduated from Nagahama High School in Japan, and has a Bachelor of Arts degree at California State University,...

Photo courtesy of Ms. Cheon.

Teacher Profile: Ms. Cheon

Leni Frommel-Martinez, News Editor May 8, 2023

Who is Ms. Cheon? Ms. Cheon is a Korean language and math teacher who has been at Rosemont for 4 years. She grew up and attended school in Seoul, South Korea. She got her math teaching credentials after...

Ms. Mori in her Hufflepuff robe.

Teacher Profile: Ms. Mori

Keila Avanesee, Social Media Team Feb 2, 2023

Who is Ms. Mori? Her full name is Michelle Mori. Ms. Mori teaches digital media design, yearbook design, and computers and multimedia essentials. She decided to teach these classes because she said she...

Teacher Profile: Mr. Andreas

Teacher Profile: Mr. Andreas

Sofia Diamond, Senior Sports Editor Jan 30, 2023

Mr. Andreas is one of Rosemont's 7th-grade science teachers, but do you know anything else about him? Mr. Andreas is an adventurous teacher who loves hiking and trying unique delicious foods. He's also...

Weekly Spartan Weather- Edition 6 Read by Ms. Dawson + Weather by the Waterfall

Sofia Diamond and Leni Frommel-Martinez Jan 30, 2023

The weather is mainly partly cloudy with a 58% chance of rain on Monday so get your umbrellas ready. On Monday the high is 49° Fahrenheit /9.4° celsius and the low is 34° Fahrenheit / 1.1° celsius....

Teacher Profile: Ms. Welsh

Ian Cisneroz, Staff Writer Jan 27, 2023

Who is Ms. Welsh? As you might know, Rosemont is a middle school filled with different and unique teachers, and one english teacher named Ms. Welsh is one of them. Ms. Welsh is an English teacher who teaches...

Teacher Profile: Ms. McMillin

Francesca Imburgia, Staff Writer Jan 11, 2023

Who is Ms. McMillin? Ms. McMillin is a science teacher here at Rosemont. Ms. McMillin teaches both seventh and eighth grade. She has been teaching for 28 years and for 27 of those years, she has been teaching...

Ms. Combs teaching forensics.

Teacher Profile: Ms. Combs

Isabella Chiriboga Ayala, Social Media Team Manager Dec 22, 2022

Who is Ms. Combs? You’ve probably seen her in the hallways during passing periods or even outside during snack and lunch. Ms. Combs teaches Forensic Science at Rosemont Middle School, and is also one...

Teacher Profile: Mr. Anker

Teacher Profile: Mr. Anker

Kayla McCurdy, Staff Writer Dec 13, 2022

Who is Mr. Anker? Well, Mr. Anker is a teacher at Rosemont Middle School. He teaches eighth grade history and ASB. He has been teaching for 29 years. 28 of those years were spent teaching at Rosemont Middle...

Weekly Spartan Weather- Edition 4 Read by Ms. Castano + Weather by the Waterfall

Sofia Diamond and Leni Frommel-Martinez Dec 11, 2022

The weather is mostly sunny this week but some days will be partially cloudy. On Monday the high is 55° Fahrenheit / 12.8° celsius and the low is 40° Fahrenheit / 4.4° celsius. On Tuesday the high...

Weekly Spartan Weather- Edition 2 Read by Ms. Combs + Weather by the Waterfall

Sofia Diamond and Leni Frommel-Martinez Nov 20, 2022

The weather will be filled with cloudy skies at the beginning of this week but we'll see more sun as we move forward. On Monday the high is 69° Fahrenheit / 20.6° Celsius and the low is 46° Fahrenheit...

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