Teacher Profile: Ms. Cheon


Photo courtesy of Ms. Cheon.

Who is Ms. Cheon? Ms. Cheon is a Korean language and math teacher who has been at Rosemont for 4 years. She grew up and attended school in Seoul, South Korea. She got her math teaching credentials after studying for 2 years at CSUN and passing multiple performance exams. She ended up adding the Korean Language to her teaching degree. This means she can teach both math and Korean. She has lived in four different states before residing in California. Before teaching at Rosemont Ms. Cheon taught at a college level. Both of Ms. Cheon’s parents were teachers, and at first, she didn’t want to be a teacher. So, she chose a linguistics major and pursued an academic career. However, she realized that her passion and talent is in teaching. Something that motivates Ms. Cheon as a teacher is her students learning something or showing excitement to learn something new. Ms. Cheon plans on working with her colleagues and teaching students at Rosemont until her retirement. For anyone in her class or who will be in her class, her advice is to follow her rule (students should be ready for class) and listen to instructions, the first time they are told. In her free time, Ms. Cheon enjoys spending time with her son and taking care of plants in her garden. Ms. Cheon’s teaching philosophy is putting herself in the place of students and their mindset. For anyone wanting to be a middle school teacher like Ms. Cheon, she encourages you to view the multiple aspects of teaching including the different experiences and talents that might come in handy.