Teacher Profile: Ms. Combs

Ms. Combs teaching forensics.

Who is Ms. Combs? You’ve probably seen her in the hallways during passing periods or even outside during snack and lunch. Ms. Combs teaches Forensic Science at Rosemont Middle School, and is also one of the teachers that supervise WEB along with Mr. Bedrousi, Ms. McMillin, and Mr. Andreas. It might be surprising to hear, but Ms. Combs did not want to specifically teach Forensic Science when she first came to Rosemont. After getting her teaching credentials at California State University, she just wanted to teach some type of science at Rosemont. She noted, “I just got lucky- they had forensics available, they had all of this cool stuff, fun stuff to use for the labs and it all looked really cool and I was really excited that they gave me forensics.”
This is only Ms. Combs’ 2nd year teaching at Rosemont, and a majority of students already say many great things about her. Ms. Combs thinks 3 words students and teachers would use to describe her is hardworking, eager, and exciting. Outside of school, Ms. Combs has a handful of hobbies that she enjoys such as hiking, gardening, biking, rollerblading, and hanging out with her friends and cat. Ms. Combs tries to limit using chromebooks during class, since students already use them so much. Besides that, she uses technology in her classroom by using her projector to teach lessons, and using microscopes during labs. If Ms. Combs was to tell parents and students one thing, she says “That they don’t know how much fun they make my day.” Ms. Combs’ favorite teacher when she was younger was her professor at California State University. She stated, “My professor had written the textbooks himself and he was so funny. He did demos and he was chill and I was like ‘I wanna be like him.’”
Forensics is worth taking as an elective here at Rosemont before students transfer to high school. Ms. Combs is a great teacher at Rosemont and she is the perfect fit for such an interesting elective!