Teacher Profile: Ms. Mori


Michelle Mori

Ms. Mori in her Hufflepuff robe.

Who is Ms. Mori? Her full name is Michelle Mori. Ms. Mori teaches digital media design, yearbook design, and computers and multimedia essentials. She decided to teach these classes because she said she likes teaching students how to use softwares, then it evolved into teaching them more of the digital arts area and she just finds it fun to teach them these kinds of stuff, especially since it’s very relevant to whats going on in today’s society. Her favorite memory from teaching here is when she had students doing the small business projects or the budget project, where they realized how much things actually cost and that living here is expensive. She has been teaching at Rosemont Middle chool for 7 years and didn’t teach anywhere else before Rosemont. I guess you can say she sure is loyal to her school! She originally wanted to be a math teacher at first. The reason for that was because she said she would see her friends counting on their fingers to do math problems and she thought she could do better to teach them that they actually know how to do math. Today we all know Ms. Mori as a computer geek, and the way she came to teaching the computer department was because it was the only position open at the time but as time went on she realized she really liked it and she really liked how the kids actually enjoyed the class and being able to control what she taught as well as the creativness of these classes verses the very black and whiteness of math. I can’t say I don’t agree with that. Before becoming a teacher, Ms. Mori went to Fremont elementary school, Rosemont middle school, Roosevelt high school, CSUN, GCC, and eventually went on to get her credential and masters too. Some of her hobbies are working out (since recently), watching videos and movies, going on walks and doing “crafty stuff”. When asked in an interview, she said “my greatest accomplishment in life is probably surviving my first three years of teaching and still wanting to be a teacher after that.” That’s Ms. Mori for you! Just don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday on October 12! The year we don’t know, and probably will never know.