How can typing games and websites help students?

Typing games might be well known between students and teachers but some of the ways these typing games can be beneficial and will be quickly stated down below.
A few of the different ways typing games can help, are with Hand-eye coordination that can improve a student’s understanding of typing online. Typing online would also be beneficial to help students with writing essays that might be digital for school since they can even practice at home or school in their freetime.
Playing an online typing game can also increase the speed of text that students can produce per minute because typing on a daily basis is important to increase productivity for a student. Typing at a fast speed could be essential for students in the future when getting a job since typing will help them work faster and more effectively for computer work. Typing games are also a great mental activity which helps activate new memory muscles that students can build over time to make it more active, stronger, and enhance brain functions.
It can be very important to help students understand the home keys so that they can type faster with max efficiency while still having fun with the game they are playing. Typing games can also help encourage students to keep their eyes on the screen without looking back down at their keyboard which is a great skill to learn since it improves with typing. Having a comfortable position for your hands can be important when typing because over time with practice on online typing games it improves hand movements and physical effort.
Typing for at least 15-30 minutes per day would be enough to be able to learn more about typing fluently since it is much better learning in short periods of time over longer periods of time, since you might get overworked from. It is also worth it to learn how to type properly since students would be able to transcribe easier because of the skills they have learned. Typing games in general can also be very entertaining to students since sometimes it could be a competitive game to see how fast they can type compared to other students, many students can also agree that games are very addictive to continue playing so students may want to use their free time to continue whenever they want to.
The average words per minute for a middle school student is 45 wpm with a 90% accuracy rate which definitely can be improved upon with the practice of using typing games. Typing games will typically use random sentences from the internet that students try to repeat and copy to improve. Typing has also been shown to improve upon a student’s focus with touch typing which can help allow ideas flow more naturally whenever they think of an idea that needs to be typed out. Typing games could also be used by struggling students that might need something that is easy to understand over time being more comprehensible. In addition it increases the ability to have better fine motor skills for struggling students or anyone helping body muscles functions be smoother. Some of the many ways students can improve their typing is by going on websites like typing club, monkey type and nitro type. Games relate a lot to many students because of how entertaining and hooking it is to start playing.
Finally communication between students and teachers will become easier for students to share information, be heard, and to be understood. For example if a student is sick at home and is still able to work on classwork online it is good to be able to learn the basic ways of typing quickly so you can complete online assignments more efficiently and effectively so you don’t have to work on it later. Additionally, communication skills like these will help students succeed in being able to earn their online degree for school, plus it will also help start preparing students for success in professional locations and jobs if it is remote or in person.