Avatar: The Way of Water


After waiting for 13 years, the sequel to Avatar was finally released. This movie was created by James Cameron, and is undoubtedly the most talked about film of this year. The cinematography of this movie is absolutely stunning, and the way that it was created makes you feel like you are part of the world of Pandora. Though there are some controversial feelings about this movie, we feel like it was 9-10/10, which is definitely a win!


The second movie came out December 16, 2022. The film cost over 250 million dollars to make. The outcome of the film was 2.024 billion dollars. Just in the first week it made $134 million! The fact that Avatar, The Way of Water was released in 60 different languages world wide just shows how much effort and time was put into this amazing and stunning film. It has been nominated for 80th Golden Globe Award, Academy Award for best picture, Academy Award for Best Visual effects, and Academy Award for Best Production Design.


There have been many different feelings on if you should watch this movie in standard or in 3D, but we both agree that though the experience might feel different, the movie is still just as  compelling. This movie started off with a recap as to what had happened in the first movie, and what happened during the past years that we didn’t see before. The music, created by Simon Franglen, played a major role in the way the movie made you feel and how the scene played out. For example, in suspenseful scenes there were moments where the music would begin to pick up the pace and mute a bit during the climax of that scene. There were moments in the movie where you felt like you were on the edge of your seat, and other moments that made you feel like you could breathe normally and enjoy daily life in Pandora. Through the good times and the bad, you feel the characters and the setting, and it feels like you are part of the story as well. This film makes you feel the meaning of family and nature itself.