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The Mental Health Crisis In Middle School

The Mental Health Crisis In Middle School

Vivienne Harutyunyan, Arts & Culture Editor Apr 4, 2024

Middle School might be the hardest time in a young person's life. Students are treated like young children but expected to act like adults. They are given a new difficult workload while told consistently...

Rebel Moon

Rebel Moon Movie Review

Kane Cuevas, Senior Copy Editor Jan 29, 2024

DISCLAIMER: This Article Contains Spoilers Ah, Rebel Moon: Part 1-- A Child of Fire. Zack Snyder’s failed attempt at making a Star Wars movie. Where to begin? Where to begin…? Star Wars meets Seven...

Why Glow-Up Culture is Promlematic

Why Glow-Up Culture Is Problematic

Ella Risso and Samantha Cicuto Dec 5, 2023

“We were playing ‘grown-ups,’ but these kids are actually becoming them.” You walk outside and see a fourth grader with a full face of makeup and clothes that seem appropriate for a 17-year-old....

Should PE be Graded on Participation?

Should PE be Graded on Participation?

Violet Simpson, Arts & Culture Editor Nov 28, 2023

Standards in PE have always made students self-conscious. In an interview with a seventh grader, they stated, “When I hear my athletic classmates talk about their scores, I feel super insecure, especially...

Girls Dress code (1943)

Dress Code- Protection or Patriarchy?

Saskia Vroom, Arts & Culture Editor Nov 3, 2023

Schools have been enforcing dress codes since the 1960s, but women's rights have been restricted for hundreds of years. Instead of adapting to society's everchanging standards and normalities, school districts...

The cross of Homework and PhysEd.

Does gym help students’ academic performance?

Pascal G. St. Aubin, Senior News Editor Feb 16, 2023

Many people see Physical Education as a waste of time because they think school is for learning, not for grueling physical activity. However, there are many benefits to PE, which include being physically...

Dress Code: Is it Fair?

Dress Code: Is it Fair?

Chances are, if you went up to a student and asked them their opinions on the dress code, they would probably answer somewhere along the lines of “It pinpoints girls,” and “I don’t like it,”...

Credit to Walt Disney Pictures

Movie Review: Hocus Pocus 2

On September 30th the highly anticipated Hocus Pocus 2 was released on Disney Plus. It takes place in present-day Salem, following two teenagers Becca and Izzy (Whitney Peak, Belissa Escobedo) who accidentally...

Monthly Medical: What Happened to Covid-19?

Monthly Medical: What Happened to Covid-19?

Do you remember that one virus that kept us in lockdown for over a year, shut down schools, and caused chaos in the streets. What happened to Covid, what's going on with it now? Is it over, or is it just...

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