Does gym help students’ academic performance?


Pascal St. Aubin

The cross of Homework and PhysEd.

Many people see Physical Education as a waste of time because they think school is for learning, not for grueling physical activity. However, there are many benefits to PE, which include being physically active, teambuilding, and surprisingly, an increase in academic performance.

Pascal G. St. Aubin

Homework is extremely stressful, and it is important to take breaks, and the best way to do that is to go outside and get exercise. This is because when your body exercises, you become is healthier and this means that you can mentally perform better. In addition, a study shows that exercising motivates us to be productive. So when you take a break from your school work, you would do yourself a favor to exercise, whether that is taking a walk or doing push-ups.
However, this practice can be applied to a school situation. You spend much of your time in the classroom, working for hours. You get few breaks and PE is only three days out of the week, but it is still just as beneficial. PE is a break where you exercise and it will improve your academic performance.

Pascal G. St. Aubin

In addition, PE is beneficial because it teaches you teambuilding skills that can be applied to real life. Take the 7th grade’s current PE unit, for example, volleyball. Players rely on each other to keep the ball over the net, and it takes team coordination to play and win. Although PE is physically demanding, it is beneficial to students.