Teacher Profile: Ms. Kracker

Who is Mr. Kracker? Well, Ms. Kracker is a 7th grade English teacher. She has been a teacher for 24 for years, and all of those years have been spent at Rosemont. She also student taught at Foshay Learning Center in Downtown LA. She was offered a job there but fell in love with 7th grade here at Rosemont.

Ms. Kracker went to the College USC, falling in love with poetry and literature. She wanted to share that joy and outlet with students and help them like English and feel loved. When thinking about pursuing a career, she always knew he wanted to help people. Before teaching, she was a camp counselor at the YMCA and worked at many retail stores. Once she got older, she knew she either wanted to be a teacher or a police officer. Her favorite part about teaching here at Rosemont is that she gets the opportunity to change 7th graders lives and help them evolve. We are so grateful to have an amazing English teacher here at Rosemont like Ms. Kracker!