All About Rosemont ROCKS Tickets

Are you confused on what a ROCKS ticket is? Or maybe you want to know what to do with it? If so, this article is most definitely for you! A ROCKS ticket is an index card sized piece of paper which is handed out to a student when they do a good deed. For instance, if you follow one of the principles of ROCKS, then you would get a ROCKS ticket. ROCKS stands for R-Responsibility O-Ownership C-Corporation K-Kindness S-Safety. So, in a little more detail, if you were to pick up trash around the school, then you would get a ROCKS ticket.

Ok, so now you have your ROCKS ticket, what do you do with it? Well, when we were interviewing Mr. Laing in our article, ROCKS Tickets With Mr. Laing, he mentioned that almost every Friday, they draw ROCKS tickets from the box. Now you might be wondering, what is the box? The box is a clear plastic cube which is located outside the office. You can put your ROCKS tickets in the box in order to enter the weekly raffle. If your ticket gets drawn on Friday, you win a gift. These gift cards can be Baskin Robbins, Starbucks, Crumbl, and so many more! ANd best of all, multiple people can win in one week! But don’t worry if you don’t get drawn, your tickets don’t go to waste! Every couple of months at lunch, all the tickets who didn’t win, get put back in a 2nd chance raffle where they can spin the wheel of prizes! Some of these prizes are donuts, VIP seating at a CFE, and the best of all, a high five from Principal Risse! I hope this article can clear up any questions you had about Rosemont ROCKS tickets!


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