What is CTE?


Pascal St. Aubin

A group of woodworkers using varnish.

A lot of people might be wondering, what is CTE? CTE stands for Career and Technical Education. In GUSD, every middle school and high school has a vast selection of CTE classes for students to take. At Rosemont, we have Digital Arts Performance, Video Production, Woodshop, Forensic Science, and ICT Computer Science. Woodshop is one of the most popular CTE classes at Rosemont. That’s because there is only one woodshop in all of GUSD, and it’s at our school.

Many other schools in GUSD used to have a woodshop class, but that changed over time because of student interest. Students might not have been interested in woodshop as much as other electives at their school. When choosing what elective to replace the previous one with, schools put out student interest surveys. That way, they can see what classes the students are most interested in. If the equipment from that school was in good shape, it would’ve most likely come to our woodshop. As of now, the closest thing other schools have to woodshop is the Construction elective at Glendale High School. If students who take woodshop at Rosemont would like to continue taking something similar to that CTE pathway, they could apply for a permit to go to Glendale High School.

If our woodshop closes, it will most likely turn into a pathway that feeds into one of Crescenta Valley High School’s pathway classes. This is so students can see what they are most interested in so they can continue doing something similar when they transfer to high school. Crescenta Valley High School also has a wide variety of CTE classes such as Cinematography, Information & Communication Tech, Graphic Communications, and Transportation. GUSD will most likely replace our woodshop with another CTE that is interesting to students.

Many students don’t know about CTE classes, and the sooner they know, the better. When something is talked about more frequently, it gets stronger. Therefore, parents can spread the word and encourage students about CTE classes to educate their children.