Teacher Profile: Ms. Chuang


Sophia Khodadadi

Mrs. Chuang

Who is Mrs. Chuang? Mrs. Chuang is an 8th grade science teacher. This is her first year teaching at Rosemont. Mrs. Chuang has also taught middle school science at Pasadena Unified School District. She attended University of Redlands for her undergraduate degree and then transferred to University of Southern California to get her masters degree. While she was growing up, Mrs. Chuangs mother was also a teacher, and she thought that it was a good career choice. Later when she was volunteering for an organization, she realized that she liked working with kids in that age group.
Mrs. Chuang’s favorite part of teaching is getting to work with middle schoolers. She noted, “I think you guys are at a fun time in life and you’re interesting and everyday is different.” Her least favorite part of teaching is grading. Her favorite subject when she was younger was English because of all the books she had to read in that class. Mrs. Chuangs favorite teacher was her high school history teacher because he made history fun and interesting. Her hobbies outside of teaching are reading, cooking, and hiking. Something students and teachers might not know about Mrs. Chuang is that she grew up in Nigeria until she was a teenager. When asked what advice she would give to middle school students is, “Make good friends, because good friends can last for a lifetime and if you have good friends, you make good decisions.”