Teacher Profile: Mrs. Fox

Teacher Profile: Ms. Fox Who is Ms. Fox? Ms. Stacy Fox is a eight and seventh grade history teacher here at Rosemont, and has been teaching here for 26 years. She attended USC for her teaching credential, which she got at the same time as her bachelors. She then got a job at Rosemont, and went back to school for her first masters degree. She got a second in administration five years ago, going to Cal State Northridge. She initially wanted to teach economics in high school, but to do so she decided to major in social studies. She had to do two semesters of student teaching before she could teach the class she wanted, and taught US History here, and Economics at Temple City High School. She then realized taht she did not enjoy teaching Econ, but loved Rosemont. At the same time, a history teacher was retiring here at Rosemont and that is how she got a job here, and has not worked anywhere else ever since. Some interesting facts about Ms. Fox is that she loves to be outside. She likes to camp and hike, and goes to Mammoth every winter and summer. When she was younger she wanted to be many things, such as a lawyer, a doctor, and more. It wasn’t until her sophomore year in college that she decided on being a teacher. Her favorite part of getting to know the students and seeing them enjoy the topic. When asked what tips she had for students to succeed in her class she simply responded, “All you have to do is pay attention. You just need to listen and you need to follow instructions.”