Teacher Profile: Mr. Tyler

Who is Mr. Tyler? Well He is a teacher here at Rosemont that teaches math,history and resource lab which is similar to teens for success. To help kids who need help turning things in on time. He hopes resource labs helps students feel like they get more time to work in a protected and helpful environment.

Mr. Tyler got his teaching credential in 2009 so he has been teaching for 14, but has been teaching at Rosemont for 12 years. He went to Mt. SAC for community college and Cal Poly Pomona for college. Before becoming a teacher Mr. Tyler was a teller/banker at a bank, a manger at a record store, and also a worker at restaurants like Togo’s and Taco Bell. Mr. Tyler’s aunt was a sub here at Rosemont for awhile, her name was Ms. Tarozone. His favorite part about teaching is that moment when a student after struggling finally has that “aha!” moment. His advice for students is if you show up and work your hardest things will go your way!