Teacher Profile: Mr. Bedrousi


Marc Arslanian

MR.Bedrousi at his desk

Mr. Bedrousi is one of the many 8th-grade science teachers, though last year he was a 7th-grade teacher. This is his first year as an 8th-grade teacher. He is considered a curious, adventurous, and compassionate teacher. He is always making jokes in his classes and is like a friend to most students. Mr. Bedrousi has been teaching here at Rosemont for 4 years. He has never taught any other subject at any other school. Mr. Bedrousi graduated from CSUN. The strengths of his teaching include him knowing the topic, knowing how to interact with middle school students, and how to make science fun such as doing lots of experiments. The one thing he has trouble with in the classroom is “Not knowing where he put his computer’s pen”. When kids start causing trouble or talking when he is talking, he calls their names and tells them to step outside. After a few minutes of the student waiting there, he walks out and talks to them. Mr. Bedrousi walks around the campus helping anybody occasionally breaks fights that need help. Mr. Bedrousi chose to be a teacher because he loves science, wants to help the next generation of students interested in becoming scientists and wants to make a difference in the world. Thanks, Mr. Bedrousi!