Teacher Appreciation Week

At Rosemont, May 1-5 is Staff Appreciation Week. Teachers and staff play an essential role in helping students succeed. They inspire students who become future leaders and problem solvers. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of employees at Rosemont Middle School who keep our school running smoothly. Whether it is the staff that keeps the office organized, the maintenance staff who keep the buildings clean and safe, or the teachers who educate and inspire students, this week is an opportunity to show thankfulness for the contributions that they have made to our schools. CJSF is organizing an event where students write an acrostic poem for the word “Teacher.” Even if you aren’t in CJSF, you can still do this event and give it to the teachers you are thankful for! During Teacher Appreciation Week, you can show gratitude towards your teachers by thanking them for making your school year special and creating a positive learning environment.