Spartan Profile Week 3: Matthew Baldwin(8th)

Matthew Baldwin is an 8th-grader, and here is a little bit about him. He Likes to play football (with a non-school team), he plays guitar, and enjoys mountain biking. Matthew’s favorite food is smoked salmon, his favorite color is green, his favorite book is Of Mice and Men, and his favorite movie is Get Out. His favorite classes are Journalism and Woodshop, and his favorite teachers are Ms. Bakas and Mrs. Castano. Now something that not a lot of people know about him is just how many pets he has, he has a hamster named Jerry, and 3 cats named Arwen, Topo, and Ezio. He has 5 siblings Kasey (26), Roseann (26), Jake (25), Vincent (24), and James (21). Matthews’s best friends are Leland Elmes, Monty Njoten, Diego Matic, and Andrew Sinclair. We asked one of them to say a little something about him, “he is someone who is strong and outgoing,”-Leland Elmes. When we asked Matthew what one thing was that he wanted the students of our school to know, he said, “I am NOT related to Mrs. Baldwin!”