Should Drinks Other Than Water be Allowed in Classrooms?


              Let’s face it, there’s been at least one time you had a drink before class and weren’t allowed to bring it inside. What are you supposed to do? Gulp it down or waste your money and throw it away? No! This is why drinks other than water should be welcome in classrooms. What’s the harm in Starbucks, juice, or even milk during class? You would go about drinking it the same way you drink water during class, and it isn’t a distraction. As long as you’re careful and mindful of your drink, there is no reason for it to be banned in classrooms or on campus at all. Of course, some might argue that other drinks are messy and can be spilled in classrooms, but again, let’s face it. We are all old enough to clean up after ourselves and if we spill, we can clean it up and take care of it ourselves. So with that being said, drinks besides water should be allowed in classrooms.