ROCKS Tickets with Mrs. Baldwin

Here’s how you can get ROCKS tickets in Mrs. Baldwins class! Mrs. Baldwin will give you a ticket if you help her, another student, or the school. If she saw you picking up trash in or outside of her classroom, then she would give you one. Another example would be if a student didn’t understand an assignment, and you were to help them out, she would also hand you a ROCKS ticket. One final example is if you were to show ownership or responsibility she’d give you a ROCKS ticket. One way you could show ownership and responsibility is by asking/emailing her about assignments they missed while they were absent. However Mrs Baldwin stated at the end of our interview “I probably don’t hand out as much as I should”. She also mentioned after the interview that she wants to hand out more in the future but she gets “Caught up in teaching”. That is how you can get ROCKS tickets in Mrs. Baldwins classroom.

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