ROCKs tickets with Mrs.Gruss

Learn how to get ROCKs tickets in Mrs. Gruss’s Class

Here is how you can get Rocks tickets in Mrs. Gruss’s class. In Mrs. Gruss’s class, she occasionally hands out ROCKs Tickets. Instead she likes to give kids a Math Pass. A math pass is like a ROCKs ticket, but instead of getting gift cards, you can use a Math Pass to go to the bathroom, go to the water fountain, or turn in late work. You can get a Math Pass by helping others with assignments, emailing her about google classroom errors, getting an A on your tests and quizzes. Then, at the end of the year, Mrs. Gruss does a raffle with your leftover math passes where you can win cool, themed rubber ducks and a couple other cool prizes. So, while Mrs. Gruss doesn’t really give out ROCKs tickets, she does give out math passes, which in her class is just as good. Also, please fill out the form below about who you would like us to interview next