Teacher Profile: Ms. Khatchetourian

Who is Ms. Khatchetourian? Ms. Khatchetourian is one of our teachers here at Rosemont. She has taught here for the past 7 years and has not worked at any other school other than Rosemont. She has taught English, history, math, and science for seventh and eighth grade. She attended Azusa Pacific University and while being a student there. She also worked as a nanny, swim instructor, water polo coach, librarian at the university, and State Farm for two summers. She has a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies with a concentration in psychology, along with a credential and masters degree in mild/moderate special education. One of Mrs. Khatchetourian’s strengths are being a good listener. She said that sometimes students just need someone to listen to them. Some of her teacher friends here in Rosemont are Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. Cho, and Ms. Batra, but she also has other teacher friends all over America. She said she chose to become a teacher because she loves to help others out. She describes herself as extroverted, lighthearted, and open minded. Mrs. Khatchetourian is always looking out for her students and always wants the best for them.