Movie Review: Plane


The movie “Plane” came out a while ago. Joseph Kernan, a member of the Spartan Scroll, watched the movie and has formed his opinion on it. Joseph- I personally really enjoyed the movie. It was fun, exciting and action packed. It was about how a commercial airliner packed with people was struck by lightning and the pilot was able to save them by crash landing them in a war torn island in the Philippines. The people of the island had broken away from their government, so basically, they could do whatever they wanted. Apparently, they were pirates and they took advantage of anyone who would stray onto their island. So, most of the movie was how the pilot and one of the passengers who was a dangerous convict tried to get the rest of the passengers back from the pirates who were holding them hostage. The ending was also very pleasurable, it was mostly a happy ending, and very emotional. Overall, “Plane” was a very entertaining movie. I would recommend it to anyone who likes action and drama movies.