Minecraft Club

Minecraft Club. It is a place where kids who play Minecraft on a regular basis can connect, talk about Minecraft, and watch videos about that topic. It is located in room 1304, which might sound familiar since it is in Mr. Grant’s room. We know a lot of friends that have attended this club, so when we entered, we were hoping for something extraordinary. And dear, it was very amazing.

We started off by entering the club. It was very dark when we entered, and we were watching a video saluting Technoblade, with everyone saying at the end, “Technoblade never dies” which was very special. About 15 kids at the club were eager to learn more about Minecraft. We also met some of our friends, which was nice, knowing we weren’t lonely. We got a chance to interview someone named Elliot Fleming. The first question we asked Elliot was, “Why did you join the Minecraft club?” He answered, “My friends wanted me to go… so I went.” Then we asked, “Do you like the Minecraft club?” He responded with “Yes I would say so.” After this, we asked, “What was your favorite part of the club?” Elliot answered, “My favorite part was watching all the Minecraft videos, and learning more about Minecraft!” This was a great interview with Elliot, and maybe you will see him when you go to the Minecraft club!
This club is a fun club where you go to learn about Minecraft. You can catch up with the Minecraft community, make new friends, and also the videos that they play are fun to watch. You also get to vote on which video to watch next. This club has a lot of activities and different things you can do while you eat! You should go to this club, it is awesome!