Film Festival

For the last six months, Ms. Riehl’s students have been working on an original movie trailer in genres such as coming-of-age, adventure, horror, and comedy. These students have been perfecting their storyboards and scripts while designing pulchritudinous sets and costumes. These trailers were made in small groups. Furthermore, they’ve been preparing a short film with a large group entitled “ Cooking Show Gone Wrong!” with their interpretation of the prompt.

Everything the students have filmed so far has been filmed here and in Rosemont with the few materials available to them. All short films were shown over two days, from May 3, 2023, to May 4, 2023. Around 15 trailers were shown each night. This event allows students to show what they have learned and what they can accomplish with a camera and imagination. This class is a CTE class that has the opportunity to use proper equipment, such as iPads, tripods, and mics. The students meet industry standards, and each year Ms. Rigel meets with workers from Disney, Pixar, and more to talk about what qualities they look for in film writers, directors, and producers!

The Trailers:

We saw everything from horror to romance these trailers were top quality with visuals, editing effects, amazing costumes, and fun scripts! Some trailers featured special effects and fun props!


“Cooking Show Gone Wrong!”:

These cooking shows went horribly wrong, just as intended! Each show started off perfectly, but ended with a catastrophe! Each and every show was unique with a plot featuring everything going wrong!