Feature on Drum Line

Drumline is an afterschool program open to people of all skill levels. While it is helpful to have some musical experience, none is required. You also don’t need to bring any materials either. Drums and sticks are provided and Rosemont drumline has even received some extra drums from CVHS. Ms. Chu the drumline teacher, became involved in drumline a year ago because playing the drums is lots of fun, and ¨everyone wants to play the drums¨. Drumline was at Rosemont long before Ms. Chu was teaching it. The program is over 10 years old! She wanted to keep this fun program going. She has been playing instruments since she was young. She learned the clarinet in 3rd grade and then went on to learn the saxophone and flute in high school. She learned pretty much the rest of the instruments in college. Her favorite part about teaching drumline is the joy experienced when they play a piece altogether and it sounds good. A regular practice includes warm-ups, drum cadences, specific drum songs, marching practice outside, and more. With drumline, her first goal was to get them in the Montrose Chrismas parade which was a success. Her next goal is to find a coach to allow them to do competitions. Participating in Drumline gives students a place to belong and be part of a team. It also requires focus to do thinking and counting. Drumline additionally teaches students to read and play music. Students doing drumline here can move on next year, be part of the CVHS drumline program, and know exactly what they’re doing. Ms. Chu’s favorite memories with drumline were the afterschool practices they had, and when they practiced marching in the streets. Drumline is in the music room on Tuesday from 3:30-5:00 pm. Joining drumline is easy all you have to do is show up continuously and be ready to think and learn.