Ask Athena

Dear Athena,

Currently, one of my teachers has been bothering me quite a bit with the loads of homework that they’ve given me throughout the week, and they’re unfair towards me. I feel as though they’re targeting me.

They seem to only focus on me, but no one else in my class really notices. I don’t really like the teacher and they’re making me rethink my opinions on the subject as a whole. I’ve always loved this subject and they’re teaching makes me think twice. I was wondering, what would you suggest doing to help with this? Should I ask for a transfer or should I just see what happens next semester?

Confuzzled Student

Dear Confuzzled Student,

In this situation, what I would suggest doing is to simply try to keep your focus on the work that is assigned rather than focusing on the efforts of the teacher to, as you put it, focus on you.

Teachers can be difficult to deal with depending on the situation, whether it be something outside of school, or within it. The counselors usually will not change the class regardless of what the situation is because of the high demands of people wanting to change classes.

Keep a focus on what’s important in the class, rather than your opinions in the class.

If things get out of hand and you can’t focus because of the teacher, try to have a conversation with them to let them know how you are feeling and see if that helps. They will listen to your thoughts and try to better themselves as they now understand what they have been doing to bother you.


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