CFE #5

When CFE #5 started on Wednesday, the tension was already thick as the contest was being led by the 8th graders with a meager margin of one point! The 7th graders raced to their seats and beat the 8th graders, quickly securing another 5 points. During an outstanding performance by the Rosemont cheerleaders, two huge, blue and white, inflatable balls were rolled out from the cafeteria, which were used in the next game.
The first game, called Human Pinball, was played with huge beach balls and surprisingly, the whole crowd! Six ASB members placed cones on their heads and stood among the 7th and 8th-grade crowds, with three “coneheads” on each side. There was a conehead at the bottom, one in the middle, and one at the top, and they were worth 1, 2, and 3 points respectively. To start the game, ASB threw the blue ball into the 8th-grade crowd and the white ball into the 7th-grade crowd, where the crowd bounced them to the cones, and when the cones were hit, points were awarded. At first, the 7th graders struggled to get the ball up the amphitheater, but then, they began hitting the first cone. The 8th graders, however, knew what they were doing, and ended up winning the game of Human Pinball – or so it seemed.
Then, the class cheers erupted with 7th grade’s “GO, GO, WHITE, WHITE, WE’RE HERE TO WIN THE FIGHT-FIGHT!” and 8th grade’s “B-L-U-E! THAT’S THE WAY TO VICTORY!” However, the 8th grade won the competition in the end.
The second event was a battle for the ages, each contestant was armed with a baguette and a whoopie pie. There were three armed contestants in each grade, going against each other one by one. The objective was to knock the other contestant’s pie out of their hand with your baguette. It had seemed at first that the 8th graders had won all three rounds, but a special announcement was made on the day following the CFE, announcing that one of the 8th graders had held the pie against her chest instead of balancing it on one hand. In addition, it was also said that many 8th graders in the top portion of the amphitheater had left for their class early, leading to a deduction of sportsmanship points. In the end, the 8th graders led by three points, but after the announcement, the score was tied. Good luck to both teams!