April Fools Day

There are many beliefs surrounding the origins of April fool’s day. One popular theory is that April fools came to be when France switched to the Gregorian calendar from the Julian calendar. This meant that instead of the new year starting in April, it started in January. Since news traveled slowly back then some people didn’t hear about this change and celebrated new years from late March to April first. People played jokes on them for example, having a fish taped on their backs. The fish also called poisson d’avril or April fish represented a youthful fish that was easy to catch. The fish symbolized that a person was gullible. This holiday is now celebrated with false news from media outlets, pranks, and even the classic kick me sign.

Jokes and pranks –
Firstly, open up a salt shaker and tuck a piece of paper towel over the top, then fill it with around a teaspoon of sugar and screw the lid back on. Preferably try to do this when making something in need of salt. Now wait and the next person who uses the salt will have one sweet surprise.

If there are any area rugs or even mats in your house, grab some bubble wrap and place it underneath the rug. No area rugs? No problem. Place the bubble wrap underneath the bath mat before they step into the shower and wait for the popping sounds to explode. Now whoever walks on the rug next will jump at the sound of the bubble wrap popping under their feet.