April 22- National Earth day

We live on this wonderful planet which many of us completely take for granted. We take this planet for granted so much so that we are quite literally destroying it to its very core for the purpose of “money”. Not to forget we completely disregard how some are so lazy they don’t even bother to recycle or throw away their garbage. This Saturday the 22 of April is National Earth Day! It’s time to wake up and make differences within this planet and try our best to restore the little that’s left from it. Over a billion people celebrate this holiday every year, and this year you could be a part of it too! Celebrating this holiday doesn’t mean you have to travel the world and spread the message, you don’t even have to spend any money. Celebrating this national holiday could simply happen by the means of picking up some trash you see lying around on streets or on the ground of our school. Secondly, you could try and walk to school that week or carpool to reduce the amount of CO2 you’re producing for that day. You could even make small reusable posters to spread the message if you’re feeling artsy. Saving the environment isn’t something that can just happen overnight, but taking small steps like these can make some of the biggest differences in not only ours, but animals, humans, and our overall environment’s lives and future.