Week 1- Spartan Profiles: Who is Zora McCoy?

Who is Zora, you may know her, you may not. Her full name is Zora Alexandra McCoy. Zora is an 8th grader, she is the ASB Vice President. Some interesting facts about Zora are that she plays guitar, she’s in a Shakespeare Acting program, and she is in Speech and Debate here at school. You may also know her best friends here at school, Lilly A, Hunter W, Holland A, Darby S, and Anneka S. One of her best friends, Holland, said the following when describing her, “Zora is such an amazing person, She’s one of my best friends and I’m so grateful that I met her. She’s so gorgeous, smart, funny, and so much more. She has a contagious laugh and everything about her is so lovable. I admire her confidence, intelligence, and literally everything about her. She’s so great, and everyone deserves a friend like Zora.” Something that Zora likes to do with her friends is going to the beach. It’s actually her favorite place especially Bolsa Chica and Huntington Beach, where she goes windsurfing and swimming. Oddly enough though, her favorite color is orange, not blue. Her favorite food is falafel, and tempeh bacon, and her favorite animals are cats. Her favorite subject is World History, while her favorite class is ASB. One funny thing about her is that she doesn’t like winter, which might be why when she was a toddler she was afraid of ice cream. When we asked her for one piece of advice she would like to tell our school she said, “It gets better, don’t base your self-worth on a singular thing. Own everything about yourself even the negative things”. Now you know a little bit more about Zora, so if you see her in the halls don’t be afraid to say hello or give her a wave.

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