Spartan Profile Week 2: Grace Necus (7th)

Who is Grace Necus? That was the very question that we asked ourselves this week. When we sat down for an interview with her we found out a little bit about her. We learned that her full name is, Grace Olivia Necus.
Grace is a 7th grader who enjoys participating in art classes, as well as playing volleyball. When we asked her who her best friends are, she said they are Holland and Ella. So, we decided to ask her friend Ella to describe her to us, “Grace is a caring girl who has helped me through some of my hardest times, because I spend so much time with her I can tell you that she is genuinely comforting, funny, thoughtful and creative. She puts in effort in other people as well as empathy.“
Grace has many likings some of which are her favorite color, green, her favorite food, chicken, her favorite book, A Good Girls Guide to Murder, and her favorite animal, frogs. Her favorite subject here at school is English, however, her favorite teacher here is Mrs. Reihl who teaches drama. One thing that not many people know about her is that she has a house in Ireland which she says is her favorite place in the world. When we asked her what one thing is that she wanted us to tell the students of our school, she simply said to tell you all to, “Have a good day!”