Pajamas in School

After reading this, close your eyes and imagine a day in school where you look to your left during a passing period and see people wearing fluffy pants. You look to your right, and some kid is wearing a comfy t-shirt. Now look down at your shoes…except you’re wearing slippers. You’re not in elementary school. You’re not in Rosemont, either. You’re in a dream. Open your eyes. NOW you’re in Rosemont, where pajamas are outlawed. You’re sitting in your normal clothes. You wish you were going to bed. Why does this rule exist? Should it? In this story, we have two opinions to show, pro and anti-pajamas.

PJ opinions

PRO-PAJAMAS (Josephine Gaudioso)
My main reason for taking this side of the argument is: why not? PJs are comfortable and fun, and it doesn’t hurt anyone to wear them. As long as they follow the rules of the general school dress code, there isn’t any big or apparent reason to ban it. Students may even feel more comfortable or excited to go to school if they don’t have to wear just jeans or leggings, and can wear something comfier. It also may boost some kids’ self-esteem. If kids are coming to school with pants with plaid or gingerbread patterns, students who are very conscious about what they wear and try to dress up really nicely may feel more comfortable to wear what they want. As long as what they are wearing is school appropriate, why not wear something a bit more comfortable?

ANTI-PAJAMAS (Gary Ryznar)
Jojo, when you ask why not, I answer. Take into consideration, if you may, the whole reason pajamas are banned in the first place. Pajamas are for bed. The benefits of pj’s are part of the reason they’re banned. They are very comfortable pieces of clothing. While it may seem like a cartoon idea, kids fall asleep in class with them on. I’ve seen it happen myself in elementary school during pajama day. Children feel too comfortable with the feeling of being in bed, therefore creating laziness. Think of this from a teacher’s perspective. Some kid walks in with a stupidly fluffy hat, shirt, and slippers. What do you do? Put up with a very sleepy and distracting student until the class ends? There seems to be no other choice. That’s why I decided to be brave enough to take the less favorable side of the argument and why I think pajamas should not be allowed in Rosemont.

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