What is Red Ribbon Week? Red Ribbon Week is a week to remind students to stay drug-free.

          What is Red Ribbon Week? Red Ribbon Week is a week to remind students to stay drug-free. At Rosemont our Red Ribbon Week is October 24-27. You will receive a red bracelet to wear all week, and you can also sign a banner in the amphitheater at snack, and students who sign can have a possibility to win prizes. Another way to win prizes is by wearing the most spirit wear or doing the most on a spirit day. 

          On Monday 10/24 you have to wear crazy socks(if you want) –SOCK it to DRUGS! You can win a prize by wearing the craziest socks. On Tuesday 10/25 you have to try to wear the most red to school-WE ARE ‘RED-Y’ TO STAY DRUG FREE. R.O.C.K.S tickets will be given to students who wear a lot of red. Prizes will also be given to people who wear the most red. On Wednesday 10/26 you can try to wear the most of your class’ color (7th grade wears white and 8th grade wears blue)-SHOW YOUR SPIRIT AND SAY NO TO DRUGS. CFE points will be given to the class with the most of their color worn. Prizes will also be given for having a lot of your class’ color worn. Last but not least on Thursday 10/27 try to wear a jersey or shirt of your favorite sports team-TEAM UP AGAINST DRUGS. Prizes are given for the most team spirit. Finally, come down to the amphitheater everyday you dress up to take a photo. Let’s team up and say no to drugs!

          Drug overdose deaths have risen from around 550 deaths in 1999 to around 23,800 deaths in 2020. Of the 23,800 deaths in 2020, 954 were teens between the ages of 14-18. Even if a human doesn’t die from drug usage they may also suffer from anxiety, depression, with also toxic brain injuries, liver and kidney damage, cardiovascular health problems, and neurological consequences. All of these effects of drug overdose are what having Red Ribbon Week is trying to prevent.