How Rosemont’s Evolved Throughout the Years

How Rosemont’s Evolved Throughout the Years

Rosemont first opened in 1954, and It has slowly evolved into the school it is today. The school’s structure hasn’t changed much over the years but the school rules and way of teaching has, along with the staff. Rosemont Middle School is currently run by Principle Risse, Ms.Park, and Mr.Laing.


Alicia Yale and Erin Salgado attended Rosemont Middle School in 1986, and 1987. When they were students at this school, things were a little different. These differences included the schedule, lockers, PE, the school snack,and vending machines.

The schedule then was very different from the current one in place. They had all 6 periods every day. Each class was 50 minutes each. Hall lockers were also a part of their day to day life. They would put away books for one class and grab books for the others. At PE there was no Running Day. They would run one lap, stretch and then play a sport. They would play this sport for a couple of weeks or until the unit ended and then move on to the next. The school snack included things like cinnamon rolls, bagels, jello, HI C drinks and more. The vending machines also offered soda. Which is all very different from the options now. 


Mr. Grant, a teacher at Rosemont, has been working here since 2001.Throughout his years teaching at this school things have definitely changed as well. When he started there were still 6 periods every day with 50 minute classes. There was a banking day but it was on Thursdays instead of Wednesday. On a regular day school started at 8 o’clock am and ended at 3 o’clock pm.  On the banking days school started at 9. This schedule stayed the same from 2001 until Covid 19 hit in the spring of 2020. 


During online learning, the schedule was very different. School started at 9 o’clock every day. The classes were 90 minutes long. One week you would have 3 days of odd classes and 2 days of even classes and the next week vice versa. This schedule stayed the same all throughout online learning. There were still only 6 classes. Not until the fall of 2021 did 7 periods start. Mr. Grant stated, “ I would prefer to go back to the 6 periods for 50 minutes. Sometimes I will go up to 4 days without seeing my students. … I just feel like I can’t make the same connection to my students the way I could if I saw them every single day and keep track of them and make sure they’re ok.” 


There have only been a few remodels throughout the years. One was in 2004. This remodel was done in the 1000 building and it was to improve the air conditioning and heating. They added internet access and put in t.v.’s as well. In 2010 they got projectors and laptops and just last year they got new flat screen t.v.’s. 


Rosemont has changed significantly since 1954 but the structure is mainly the same. Things like classrooms, electives, staff, and the rules and way of learning have changed the most. Rosemont has changed depending on what the students need at the time. Rosemont has always been a great school and continues to be one changed or not changed.